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Olmstead Orchards spent many years selling their fruit through a local co-op.  During these years, our cherries have been purchased by numerous wholesale buyers throughout the world, including many large chains and specialty stores such as Albertson's, Food Emporium, Kroger's,  Super Value, Costco, HEB, Publix, Safeway, Zabar's, and more. We have built our excellent reputation in the industry by growing premium quality fruit and working closely with each customer to provide the exact product they want. 


This 2006 season was our first away from the co-op. In the five years since, we have become more knowledgeable in the general business practices of marketing and sales of fresh cherries.  We  continue to learn and are looking to establish solid business relationships with cherry buyers throughout the world.  We have always graciously opened up our farm to buyers from  many states in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, and more, and we will continue to do so.  Meeting our buyers in person, and letting them meet our family and experience our operation first-hand, is an integral part of  building a solid business relationship.   We look forward to working with you!



Olmstead Orchards spent many years selling their fruit through a local co-op.  Through those  have experience packaging Bing and Rainier cherries in baggies, clamshells, gift boxes, 15-lb boxes, 20-lb boxes, and more.  Our philosophy is to never say never when a new packaging or processing idea is introduced with enough time to plan.  In  addition, our fruit has been sold and shipped internationally, making us familiar with the fumigation requirements for some foreign shipments.  If you are interested in wholesale purchases of Olmstead Orchards' cherries or other fruit, please contact Don Olmstead via Email, or call him direct at 509.830.1950.




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